About PaintballMind

Established in 2019, PaintballMind is the brainchild of Karan Larson. A dedicated paintball enthusiast, Karan has immersed himself in both relaxed games with friends and more intense professional matches. Through this platform, he aims to share insights and tips gathered from his time on the field.

Our goal is simple: to assist every player, whether you’re just starting out, an experienced pro, or a young enthusiast. We want to ensure that everyone has the tools and knowledge to enjoy paintball safely and effectively.

While we benefit from affiliate commissions, our commitment to transparency and trust remains steadfast. Not every product has been hands-on tested by us, but all our reviews are thorough and grounded in our extensive paintball knowledge and experience.

Got feedback, suggestions, or questions? We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out on our Contact Us page.

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Karan Larson