Best Budget Paintball Guns: Top Affordable Picks

You can still have a blast without emptying your wallet. Explore the best budget paintball guns that will save some cash while dominating the field.

best budget paintball guns

Are you itching to play some paintball but worried about breaking the bank? No worries! With so many affordable options on the market, you can still have a blast whooping your friends at a game without emptying your wallet. Today, we will be exploring the best budget paintball guns that will help you save some cash while still dominating the field.

Maybe you are just starting out on the paintball field, and it’s also possible that you are just looking for more of a “play toy” for those not-so-serious field days. We are going to go over a few different paintball gun markers, all under $200. 

Tips for Finding the Best Budget Paintball Guns

Paintball is an exciting game that requires focus, strategy, and the right gear. If you’re on a budget and looking for a quality paintball gun, there are a few things you should keep in mind to get the best bang for your buck. Here are our top tips for finding the best budget paintball guns for your needs!


First things first, let’s talk about the barrel. The quality of the barrel can make a big difference in the accuracy of your shots. Look for a barrel that’s at least 12 inches long and has a smooth bore. The smoother the barrel, the less friction there will be as the paintball passes through. This means less turbulence and a more stable flight path for your paintballs, which can lead to more accurate shots.


Next up is the gear you’ll need to operate your paintball gun. You’ll want to make sure you have a hopper that can feed your paintballs into your gun smoothly and consistently. A good hopper will have an anti-jam feature, so you don’t have to worry about your gun misfiring mid-game.

Size and Quality

When it comes to choosing paintballs, you’ll want to consider the size and quality. Look for paintballs that are around .68 caliber (the most common size), and avoid paintballs that are misshapen or have dimples, as these can affect the accuracy of your shots.

Gun Itself

Lastly, let’s talk about the paintball gun itself. As a budget-conscious player, you’ll likely be looking for a mechanical paintball gun rather than an electronic one. Mechanical guns are simple, reliable, and easy to maintain. Look for a gun with sturdy construction and a comfortable grip, as you’ll be holding it for extended periods of time.

So, when shopping for a budget-friendly paintball gun, focus on the barrel, gear, paintballs, and the gun itself. Look for a smooth bore barrel, an anti-jam hopper, .68 caliber paintballs, and a sturdy mechanical gun. With these features, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the paintball field without breaking the bank!

5 Best Budget Paintball Guns

Double Eagle M83A2 M16 Electric Airsoft Gun

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Introducing the Double Eagle M83A2 M16 Electric paintball gun, a remarkable replica of the US Army M16 Assault Rifle. This 1:1 scale electric-powered gun features an adjustable hop-up system, offering semi and fully-automatic firing modes with a simple switch. With a velocity of approximately 250 FPS, it delivers decent power.

Constructed with durable heavyweight polymer, the M83A2 M16 comes with an integrated top and bottom RIS rail system for attaching tactical accessories. It includes a mid-capacity 70-round rifle magazine, a retractable LE-type rear stock, and the ability to mount a flashlight, vertical fore grip, electronic adjustable red dot scope, and mock silencer. Safety glasses and a gun sling are also included.

Measuring 37″ in length, this paintball gun comes with a premium battery and wall charger, ensuring you’re always prepared for action. 

The heavyweight polymer construction may not offer the same level of realism as a metal-bodied replica, but it does provide durability and ease of use. Additionally, the velocity of 250 FPS may be on the lower side compared to some high-end paintball guns, so it’s worth keeping in mind if you’re seeking maximum power.

For an electric paintball gun, it is an impressive replica that offers adjustable firing modes, a range of tactical attachments, and essential accessories. With its durable construction and reliable performance, it’s an excellent choice for paintball players seeking an authentic M16 experience.

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun Player Package

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Looking for a reliable paintball marker? The Tippmann Cronus .68 Caliber Paintball Marker Gun Player Package has got you covered. This beginner-friendly marker is known for its solid performance, low maintenance, and impressive durability. Here’s what makes it stand out:

Key Features

The molded rubber grips and internal gas line give you complete control, allowing you to take your game to the next level. You can customize your marker in a snap with the four Picatinny rails that let you attach accessories with ease. Whether you want a scope or a flashlight, these rails have got you covered.

Don’t let a heavy marker weigh you down. The high-impact composite construction of this marker ensures durability without sacrificing maneuverability. You’ll be able to move quickly and smoothly, giving you an edge over your opponents.

Player Package Inclusions

  • 6+1 Paintball Harness with (6) Standard Paintball Pods • 200-round Gravity-Fed loader 
  • Maddog 20-ounce CO2 tank (Shipped Empty) • GenX Stealth Anti-Fog Paintball Mask


  • Entry-level performance: As a beginner-friendly marker, it may not offer the same level of performance as mid-range or high-end markers.
  • Limited features: The Cronus lacks some advanced features found in more expensive markers, such as electronic triggers and sensors.
  • Potential upgrade needs: As you progress in the sport, you may eventually need to upgrade to a more advanced marker to match your skill level.

Kingman Spyder Fenix .68 Cal Electronic

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The Kingman Spyder Fenix .68 Cal Electronic paintball marker tank is an excellent choice if you prioritize reliability. Here are the key details about this impressive paintball tank:

Design and Features

  • The Kingman Spyder Fenix features a stacked tube blowback design known for its efficiency and dependability on the field.
  • It is equipped with an adjustable board that offers three different firing modes, allowing you to customize your gameplay experience to your preference.
  • The marker includes eye sensors, a feature commonly found in high-end and mid-range markers, ensuring accurate and consistent firing.

User-Friendly Maintenance

Performing maintenance on the Kingman Spyder Fenix is a breeze thanks to its top cocking quick strip bolt and tool-free rear plug. This design allows you to complete essential upkeep tasks in under five minutes, keeping your marker in optimal condition.

Electronic Trigger and Anti-Chop Eyes

The electronic trigger of the Kingman Spyder Fenix enables you to shoot at a rapid rate, providing you with an advantage during intense gameplay.

To enhance your shooting experience and prevent ball chop, the marker is equipped with anti-chop eyes. These eyes ensure that the gun will not fire unless a paintball is fully loaded, reducing the likelihood of misfires or paintball breakage.

Reliable Performance on a Budget

Its reliable performance, combined with the adjustable firing modes and eye sensors, makes it an attractive choice for those looking for a reliable and affordable paintball tank.


  • Learning curve: While suitable for beginners, the additional features and firing modes may take some time to learn and master.
  • Battery dependency: As an electronic marker, you’ll need to keep batteries charged or have spare batteries on hand during gameplay.
  • Possible maintenance challenges: Although designed for easy maintenance, the electronic components may require extra care or professional servicing if issues arise.

Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

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The Spyder Victor comes ready to use on the field, allowing you to jump right into the action. Its adjustable velocity range, from 280 feet per second to over 350 feet per second, provides you with the flexibility to meet various gameplay requirements and regulations. Let’s look at some details on this impressive marker. 

Reliable and Adjustable

  • CO2 and compressed air compatibility: Flexibility in choosing your power source.
  • Ensuring hassle-free gameplay.

Impressive Features

  • The Eko Valve is a standout feature that maximizes air efficiency, enabling you to shoot more rounds with each air tank fill.
  • The High Impact Polymer Clamping Feed Neck ensures that paintballs are fed into the marker securely and reliably, reducing any potential feeding issues.
  • The Pull Pin Top Cocking Delrin Bolt is another cool feature that guarantees smooth and dependable operation, resulting in consistent and accurate shots.
  • The 10 Inch Micro Ported Barrel is designed to improve accuracy and distance, taking your gameplay experience to the next level.
  • The Two Finger Double Trigger is comfortable and easy to control, allowing for rapid firing when necessary.
  • The marker also comes with external velocity adjustment, giving you the ability to fine-tune the speed of your shots for optimal results.
  • With complete adjustability and compatibility with both CO2 and compressed air/HPA, the Spyder Victor is a versatile marker that can be customized to suit your preferred setup and playstyle.


  • Beginner-focused: Advanced players may find the features and performance limited compared to high-end markers.
  • Potential upgrade needs: As your skills improve, you may need to invest in a more advanced marker.
  • CO2 inefficiency: While compatible with CO2, using compressed air/HPA is recommended for better performance and consistency.

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 Mechanical Paintball Marker

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Dependable and Affordable

  • The EMEK 100 utilizes the reliable Gamma Core system, delivering the feel and performance of a high-end marker at a more affordable price point.
  • Powered by a mechanical 3-way valve, this marker offers durability and consistent performance on the field.
  • User-Friendly and Low Maintenance: The EMEK 100 is lightweight and requires minimal maintenance. Thanks to the self-timed firing mechanism of the Gamma Core, you won’t need to make spring adjustments or replace the sear.
  • With modern bolt and drivetrain engineering, combined with low operating pressure and Deftek feed, the marker minimizes paint damage, allowing you to focus more on the game and less on maintenance.
  • Smooth, Efficient, and Reliable: The EMEK 100 offers a sturdy, quiet, and smooth shooting experience, providing reliable performance during gameplay. Setting the velocity and releasing the safety latch to the Fire position allows you to start playing immediately.


  • Manual cocking required: The player has to physically cock the gun after each shot, which can be tiring and may slow down reaction time in fast-paced situations.
  • Lack of advanced features: The marker lacks some advanced features found on electronic markers, such as adjustable firing modes and shot counters.
  • Limited rate of fire: The PAL-enabled feed system enables the marker to shoot up to 10 balls per second, which may not be suitable for players who prefer higher rates of fire.
  • Mechanical operation: The marker’s mechanical operation may not be as smooth as electronic markers, which may affect the player’s accuracy and consistency.
  • Limited customization: The marker has limited customization options, which may not be ideal for players who want to personalize their markers.

Final Thoughts on the Best Budget Paintball Guns: Top Affordable Picks

So, to wrap things up, choosing the best budget paintball guns doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Seriously, don’t stress about it! With a little research and understanding of what you need, you can easily find a paintball gun that helps you win without breaking the bank.

You’ve got some solid options out there, like the Tippmann, Planet Eclipse, and Spyder. These brands offer affordable choices that don’t skimp on quality. Sure, with a budget paintball gun, you might have to compromise on certain features or performance capabilities. But hey, that’s not the end of the world! With the right attitude and determination, you can still dominate the field and come out on top.

You can’t let a limited budget hold you back from diving into the exciting world of paintball. Get out there, have a blast, and let loose with some paint! Remember, it’s all about having fun and making the most of your paintball experience, regardless of your budget.

Best Budget Paintball Guns FAQ

Do budget paintball guns sacrifice quality for affordability?

Not necessarily. While some budget paintball guns may not have all the bells and whistles of their more expensive counterparts, they can still provide solid performance and durability. Plus, with proper maintenance and upgrades, you can often improve the performance of a budget-friendly gun.

Can budget paintball guns compete with higher-end models in terms of accuracy and power?

It depends on the specific gun and how it’s used. Generally speaking, higher-end paintball guns will offer more advanced features and better performance, but that doesn’t mean budget guns can’t hold their own. With the right upgrades and practice, a budget gun can certainly be accurate and powerful enough to compete with higher-end models.

How much should I expect to spend on a decent paintball gun?

The price range for paintball guns can vary widely depending on what you’re looking for, but there are definitely great options available for under $200. That being said, if you want a more advanced or customizable gun, you may need to spend closer to $500 or more.

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