Essential Clothes for Paintball: Attire to Wear & Stain Tips

We all know that paintballs can have a sting to them, and to minimize that, wearing the essential clothes for paintball is recommended.

clothes for paintball

We don’t want you to show up for your first game wearing a tuxedo or a bikini, do we? (Well, that would be interesting.) Paintballs are meant to let you know that you have been marked, but that is the gratification of the opposing player. We all know that they can have a sting to them, and to minimize that, wearing the essential clothes for paintball is recommended.  

In this article, we’ll guide you through the do’s and don’ts of paintball attire, from your head to your toes. Whether you are in the market to buy some new tactical gear or just looking to grab whatever clothes you doing mind getting trashed, we are going to guide you through the best and essential clothes for paintball.  

Clothing should be at the forefront of your mind when gearing up. On top of protection, you want to dress appropriately for the environment you’ll be playing in. Think camouflage or dark clothing that won’t easily spot you. But at the same time, choose something comfortable that allows for flexibility and free movement. 

You don’t want your clothing getting in the way of your epic moves during gameplay. Oh, and did we mention it’s going to get messy? Expect to get shot at with paintballs that will leave a stain. So leave your favorite white shirt at home and opt for something a little more durable. Get ready to have some fun and get a little dirty!

Importance of Padding and Protection

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Before you embark on this action-packed sport, you need to gear up with the right clothing. The right gear not only ensures your safety but can also improve your performance. In this article, we will discuss the importance of padding and protection, so you can enjoy this exhilarating sport without worrying about injuries.

When it comes to paintball, your safety should be your top priority. Pad up with protective clothing that can absorb the impact of a paintball. A paintball can travel up to 300 feet per second, and without proper padding, it can leave a painful welt or even cause serious injury. The right padding will protect your body from bruises and other injuries, especially in areas such as your chest, shoulders, knees, and elbows.

In addition to protecting yourself, padding can also enhance your performance. The extra layers of padding can provide a tight, comfortable fit, which can improve your mobility and agility. Yes, you may feel a bit like the Michelin Man, but those layers will come in handy when you are running, sliding, or diving to avoid being hit.

Quality paintball gear manufacturers offer various types of padding, including lightweight foam, neoprene, and tactical vests with built-in padding. You can customize your gear to fit your needs and preferences. Don’t skimp on protection when playing paintball; it could save you from serious injury.


Layers play a crucial role in enhancing your paintball experience by providing both protection and comfort. By incorporating multiple layers of clothing, you benefit from added padding that helps cushion the impact of paintballs, reducing the risk of painful bruises. These layers serve as a protective barrier against the forceful impact, allowing you to enjoy the game without unnecessary discomfort or potential injury.

Beyond protection, layers offer versatility, particularly in colder months. As the temperature fluctuates during gameplay, you have the flexibility to adapt your clothing to match your body’s needs. Starting the game with 2-3 layers of clothing ensures you stay warm initially, but as your activity level increases, you naturally generate more body heat. Plus, it’s a lot easier to take off a layer of clothing than to really need that extra layer. 

Paintball Tops

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When it comes to paintball tops, you want to opt for something comfortable and durable. A long-sleeve shirt made from a breathable and lightweight fabric, such as moisture-wicking polyester or cotton, is ideal. It should fit snugly without being too tight, so you can move around freely.

Many players prefer wearing a tactical combat shirt designed with built-in padding to protect their elbows and forearms. These shirts are also made from moisture-wicking and fast-drying materials to keep you cool and dry in the heat of the game.

If you’re looking for extra protection and style, you might want to try wearing a paintball jersey. These jerseys come in various designs and styles and are made with durable and breathable fabric. They feature padding on the chest, back, and shoulders to reduce the impact of paintballs hitting your body.

Paintball Bottoms

The best option for paintball bottoms is tactical pants. These pants are specifically designed with features such as reinforced knees, multiple pockets for storage, and a lightweight, breathable material that will keep you cool and comfortable during gameplay. A paintball harness or pod pack is another useful add-on easy storage and quick access to essentials during a game.

Some other options to consider are cargo pants or athletic joggers. These types of pants provide similar benefits as tactical pants but with a slightly different style.

have extra pockets for storage, while joggers offer a more streamlined fit for increased mobility.

Whatever you choose, make sure the pants are made of a durable material that can withstand the wear and tear of paintball. Additionally, it’s vital to opt for dark-colored bottoms to avoid standing out on the playing field.

Additional Wear

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Now that you have the essentials down, there are some other options that you might find helpful when you are out on the field. If you want a go-to paintball game-day uniform, check out something like this Maddog coverall suit. It is thick and easy to wash!

If you aren’t ready to invest in full tactical gear, including a helmet and mask, your trusty old baseball cap will keep the paintballs out of your hair and, for the most part, your eyes. Especially when it comes to the warmer months, having protection for your hands is pretty essential. Not only does getting sweaty make you lose your grip, but those paintball guns can also get extremely hot. Grab a pair of half-finger paintball gloves that add extra grip and protect your hands from a hot handle. 

Paintball Stain Tips

Paintballs are usually filled with substances that dissolve in water, like polyethylene glycol and dye. This makes them easy to wash off with soap and water. However, if you leave the paint on for too long, it may leave a stain. 

Put your clothing in the wash with laundry detergent and set the temperature to the highest your fabric can handle. That should do the trick most of the time.

But if the stains are stubborn, you’ll need to do a bit of extra work. Try pre-treating them with a stain remover for 30 minutes before rewashing them. No stain remover? No worries. Just rub some detergent into the fibers of the stain and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before washing again. Simple as that.

If you are determined to get a stain out, and it just won’t go away. Mix a ½ ounce of clear ammonia, 1 ounce of detergent, and 2 cups of warm water together. Then, apply the mixture to the stubborn paintball stain and let it sit for 30 minutes. After that, toss your clothes in the washer and say goodbye to that pesky stain!

But what if the stain still won’t budge? Unfortunately, sometimes stains can be too tough to handle. In that case, it’s time to say farewell to that article of clothing and move on to something new.

Final Thoughts on Essential Clothes for Paintball

At the end of the day, you or someone in your household is a paintball star. Layering up with an old sweatshirt and donning cargo pants can make all the difference in your comfort level and mobility during a match. And let’s not forget the appropriate shoes – you don’t want to end up slipping around the field and getting taken out by the enemy team. 

So gear up and get out there, knowing you have the best attire for the job. And if you happen to come back with a few extra battle scars in the form of stains, don’t worry – with a little effort, they can be conquered. Let the adventure begin!

Essential Clothes for Paintball FAQ

Does it hurt to get hit by a paintball?

Paintballs can cause a stinging sensation when they hit your body, and depending on the distance and speed, they can leave bruises or welts. However, most players find the pain to be tolerable and temporary. Wearing appropriate protective gear can help minimize the discomfort.

Can I wear shorts in the summer?

While it’s tempting to wear shorts in hot weather, it’s generally not recommended in paintball. Paintballs can leave marks and cause discomfort when they hit bare skin. It’s advisable to wear long pants or paintball-specific pants that provide better protection against impacts and potential scrapes from rough terrain.

What else can I bring with me?

Aside from your protective gear, marker, and barrel cover, we recommend bringing the following:

– Extra clothing: It’s wise to bring a change of clothes, particularly if you anticipate getting wet or muddy during the game.
– Towel: Useful for wiping off sweat, paint, or rainwater.
– Water and snacks: Staying hydrated and having energy-boosting snacks on hand is important for maintaining performance during gameplay.

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