How To Clean a Paintball Gun: Marker Maintenance Tips

Wondering how to clean a paintball gun? 

Paintball guns can get dirty easily.

Not only do they collect dust and dirt like normal sporting equipment, but they can also become clogged with paintball paint after only a few games.

Cleaning a paintball gun is a regular part of normal gun maintenance.

It will not only give you a great performance boost, but it will also help you to maintain the long life of a paintball gun and avoid a build up of paint.

To help you to perform your best on the ground, read below to learn how to clean a paintball gun to get back it’s maximum performance.

How To Clean a Paintball Gun

Before starting here is a list of things that you will require to clean your paintball gun.

Step 1: Remove the Air Tank

To prevent any kind of accidental fire, removing the gas tank is the number one priority while cleaning your paintball gun.

Make sure that there is no gas inside the gun to prevent any type of miss fire.

This is the first and most important rule when learning how to clean a paintball gun.

Now, remove your fuel canister and find its ASA lever.

If you have a gun without an ASA lever then you need to consider reading the instruction manual that came with your specific gun about de-linking your gas tank.

Most guns should come with an instruction manual.

Step 2: Disassemble your Paintball Marker

You might require Hex Keys for disassembling your marker.

When you have the hex keys in your hand, start with the hopper. Start dissembling it carefully.

Now, slowly start disassembling the bolt, hammer, barrel and grip frame and set them aside together in order.

This will help you reassemble your gun easily later on.

Step 3: Clean the Barrel First

Now, take your maintenance kit and let’s start cleaning. If you don’t have a maintenance kit, you can check out one here.

Firstly, check the gun’s manual to ensure it’s ok to use a squeegee to clean the gun.

If it is, go ahead and use a squeege to clean out any paint residue within the barrel of the gun.

A build up of paint residue can  affect the gun’s accuracy and performance during a match, so you want to make sure you clean the barrel gently but thoroughly.

After the squeegee, use warm water and paper to wipe down the barrel.

After that, use a paper towel to clean any remaining water or moisture inside the barrel. Now, set the barrel aside.

Step 4: Clean the Body of the gun

Again, check the instructions to ensure a squeegee is allowed.

If it is, you can go ahead and use it to clean the body of the gun, in a similar way as the barrel.

After using the squeegee, grab a toothbrush.

Dip it into warm water, and start scrubbing the gun.

This is to help you clean any hard reaching part of the gun that the squeegee might have missed.

Do not try to disassemble any part of the trigger. It will be extremely complicated to reassemble it again.

Once you have cleaned every part of the body, take a paper towel and use it over your gun to make sure that your marker is completely dry.

Step 5: Clean the Grip Frame

how to clean a paintball gun

Don’t be a homemade mechanic here.

This part is attached to the trigger. So, be careful while cleaning this part.

Take a toothbrush and slowing start cleaning it. When it is done, dry it using paper towels.

You just need to remove the dried paint residue here to prevent build up, nothing else.

Step 6: Clean the Bolt and Hammer

Be gentle here as well.

Clean it gently with the help of the toothbrush.

After that, check both the O rings. If everything is fine there, this part is done.

While you’re at this step, double check the O rings for any signs of damage too.

If they are damaged, consider finding a replacement as this can affect the accuracy of your gun.

Step 7: Inspect the Paintball Gun for Damage

After checking the O-Rings, you need to look for any kind of damage that has happened to the gun.

Also check that all the springs of the gun are in proper shape. Check all the screws and check that everything is in the right place.

This simple step will help the gun to perform it’s best in the middle of a match.

Step 8: Oil and Lubricate the Paintball Gun

Now, You have all parts of your paintball gun well cleaned and dried.

Now, it is time to lubricate those parts. For that, you need to use specialized oil for paintball guns. (Included inside Maintenance Kit)

If you don’t lubricate your gun then you are increasing the chance of causing damage to your paintball gun.

You can also refer to the instructions for finding the right oil for your paintball gun as well.

Step 9: Carefully Reassemble the Paintball Gun

Finally, once the gun is properly lubricated, it’s time to reassemble it.

Now, carefully start assembling your gun, step by step. Pay close attention to each screw.

Don’t rush this part.

Step 10: Final Checkup

Now, load one paintball pellet into the gun and try to shoot it. If it works, great!

You’ve successfully cleaned and reassembled your paintball gun.

If it didn’t work you need to go back and re-check every part of the gun to see where the problem may be. 

cleaning a paintball gun trigger

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on how much you play paintball. I’d recommend to clean your paintball gun after every 2-3 months, or at least once every 6 months. This will be the best time to clean your gun.

How to Clean a Paintball Gun – Final Thoughts

Now you have learned how to clean a paintball gun. Even though every paintball gun is different, this will work as a universal guide.

If you have any queries then let me know in the comments.

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