Is Paintball Game safe for kids: A Parent’s Guide [7 TIPS]

Lots of parents are having queries in their minds. But the most asked query is, Is paintball safe for their kid. Then, My always answer is “Yes”.


Lots of people believe the myth that Paintball is a dangerous sport. But According to stats, Paintball players are having very few accidental injuries rather than any support.

image that represents Paintball accident stats

Why Paintball is Safe for Kids (Personal Opinion)

Paintball is having a very bad name in the market. People think that This is one of the most dangerous sport, Due to the markers and pistol that are used in the game.

As I tell you, The injury rate of paintball is very low then any kind of sport like Football, Softball or Basketball. But, That single myth is stoping lots of parents to provide the best action game to their kids.

Does Paintball Hurt

My answer is, Yes. It does hurt.

Every sport hurts. But there are lots of factors in the paintball that hurts. (Listed Below)

  • Gun Type (Spring Powered or Gas Gun)
  • Caliber Size of paintball (50 or 68)
  • Speed of Wind
  • Distance between Shooter and player
  • Armour or Helmet
  • Environment
  • And More…

There are dozens of factors that may hurt your kid. Not Only Paintball, But Every sport is also having lots of factors that can hurt the player of any sport.

What can we do to make Paintball Safe for our kids?

If your kid is not well for playing any intense game. Then, You must have to consult with a doctor. Before, He put his first step towards the ground.

As a Starting, You need to do a lot of research. That you are doing by reading this particular article. You can also go to your nearby paintball grounds. Ask experts that are there. They Will be happy to help you.

After That, You need a Paintball gun.

This mini buying guide will help you to figure out that, What are the factors that you need to consider while purchasing the paintball guns for your kid.

I’ll also recommend you to test the paintball guns before your kids use them.

By the way, You can consider reading this guide, For finding the best paintball gun for kids. I hope this will help you to find the best gun for your kid.

After the gun, You’ll require safety gear.

Always buy top-level safety gear for your kid. Always ensure that In the field they wear proper gears.

Basic Safety Rules and Guidelines for PaintBall For Kids

Image of paintball helmet

1. shoot at players

Always teach your kid that, They only have to shoot the players that are wearing proper masks and armour. Don’t Shoot Anyone Who is not wearing Safety Equipments.

This single practice will help your kid to avoid lots of incidents.

2. Must be fully suited up before playing

Make Sure, Your kid is fully suited up while entering the ground. A little precaution can help you to save your kid from an accident.

Precaution is better than a cure

3. Leave animals alone

Never ever shoot on innocent animals. No need to explain anymore.

4. Always use barrel cover

If your kid is not actively participating. Then he needs to use barrel cover to prevent any kind of misfire. It also helps in hiding location.

Because, If any kind of misfire happens then opponents will listen to the sound. They can easily eliminate him.

5. Don’t look down the barrel

Always make sure that Your kid will never see in the barrel to check the number of paintballs that are left in it. They just press the trigger and check it.

6. Ensure Guns Are on Recommended Speed

If your kid is using spring powered guns. Then, This rule is not for you. For Gas-powered guns recommended speed is 270-280 feet per second.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit for paintball?

In some fields, Only those Players are allowed that are aged at least 10 years.

Do I need insurance to play paintball?

No, You didn’t need any kind of insurance to play paintball.

What safety practices are in place at your paintball sites?

Make sure to wear proper safety gear. Having a kid specialized paintball gun.


Playing paintball is fun but not with proper gear. In this article, I’ve talked about that.

Also, Make Sure That Your Kid’s Guns are properly maintained before he makes his first fire on the battlefield. You can read this Marker Maintenance guide for more instructions.


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