Is Paintball Safe for Kids: A Parent’s Guide [7 TIPS]

Is paintball safe for kids? This is a questions a lot of parents ask. My answer is always “Yes”.


Lots of people believe the myth that Paintball is a dangerous sport. But according to the stats, paintball players have the least amount of injuries compared to many other sports.

image that represents Paintball accident stats

Why Is Paintball Safe for Kids? (Personal Opinion)

Paintball has a very bad name in the market. People think that paintball is one of the most dangerous sports, due to the markers and pistols that are used in the game.

However, the injury rate of paintball is very low compared to any other kind of sport like Football, Softball or Basketball. But, That single myth is stopping lots of parents from providing the best action game for their kids.

Does Paintball Hurt 

Lots of people ask if paintball hurts. and my answer is yes, it definitely can hurt.

Is paintball safe for kids, even though it can hurt? The answer is still yes!

Every sport hurts. But there are lots of factors about paintball that can hurt (Listed Below)

  • Gun Type (Spring Powered or Gas Gun)
  • Caliber Size of paintball (50 or 68)
  • Speed of Wind
  • Distance between Shooter and player
  • Armour or Helmet
  • Environment
  • And More…

There are dozens of factors that may hurt your kid. Not only in paintball, but in every sport, there is always a risk of injury and elements that could hurt. However, that’s why protective gear and masks exist – to minimize the impact and pain of being shot with a paintball gun, and to make paintball as pain free as possible. 

What can we do to make Paintball Safe for kids?

If your child is not well, is already injured, or is nervous, don’t send them to paintball. Make sure your child is in good physical condition before they play.

To start off, do a lot of research about the paintball grounds in your area, whether they offer paintball for kids and what your child can expect when they play. The experts in these areas will be happy to help you, and can reassure you that paintball is safe for your child.

After That, You need a Paintball gun.

This mini buying guide will help you to figure out that, What are the factors that you need to consider while purchasing the paintball guns for your kid.

I’ll also recommend you to test the paintball guns before your kids use them.

By the way, You can consider reading this guide, For finding the best paintball gun for kids. I hope this will help you to find the best gun for your kid.

If you’re looking for an affordable paintball gun to start off with, check out Best Paintball Guns Under 300

After the gun, You’ll require safety gear.

Always buy top-level safety gear for your kid. Always ensure that In the field they wear proper gears.

Basic Safety Rules and Guidelines for Paintball For Kids

Is paintball safe for kids? Paintball protective helmet

1. Only shoot at players in protective gear

Always teach your kid that they can only shoot at players that are wearing proper masks and armour. Don’t shoot at anyone who isn’t wearing safety gear.

This single practice will help your kid to avoid lots of incidents.

2. Must be fully suited up before playing

Make sure your kid is fully suited up before entering the ground. A little precaution can help you to save your kid from an accident.

Precaution is better than a cure

3. Leave animals alone

Never ever shoot at innocent animals, including birds, rabbits and even rats or mice.

4. Always use barrel cover

If your kid is not actively participating, then he needs to use barrel cover to prevent any kind of misfire. It also helps in hiding location.

This is because if they misfire, their opponent will hear the sound and find him. Not only that, but a misfire onto another player who isn’t expecting it can cause injury

5. Don’t look down the barrel

Always make sure that your child never looks down the barrel to check the number of paintballs that are left in it. They can just press the trigger and check it.

6. Ensure Guns Are on Recommended Speed

If your kid is using spring powered guns, then this rule is not for you. For Gas-powered guns we recommended a speed of 270-280 feet per second.

Frequently Asked Questions

In some places, the youngest player allowed on the field is 10 years old

No, You didn’t need any kind of insurance to play paintball. The place that you are playing at might get you to sign an insurance waver though.

Each site will have their own specific safety precautions – but they all follow the same guidelines. The children will be briefed on safety before they play. They will also have their guns checked to ensure they work properly, and that all their safety gear is secure and functional to keep them safe.


Playing paintball is fun but not without proper gear. In this article, I’ve talked about that.

Also, Make Sure That Your Kid’s Guns are properly maintained before he makes his first fire on the battlefield. You can read this Marker Maintenance guide for more instructions.

As long as your child has the right gun, is properly dressed in protective gear, and understands the rules of paintball, you can rest assured that they will have fun on the battlefield, remain uninjured and come back to you in one piece. So, to answer the original question is paintball safe for kids, the answer is a resounding YES!

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