What You Should Know Before Buying a Paintball Gun for Kids


This is the most important metric to note down while choosing the best paintball gun for your kids. Every Parent is having fear about their Kid, Who is going to play paintball.

In the bunch of paintball guns, You need to consider lots of circumstances to figure out the best paintball marker for your kid.

In this article, I’ve given you that 5 factors that you need to consider while buying a paintball gun for your kid.

Things To Consider While Buying A Paintball Gun For Your Kid


1. Always Use Spring Powered Paintball Guns

image represent mechanism of spring powered gun

There are two types of paintball guns, First one is spring powered paintball gun and the second one is Co2 paintball gun (As Known As “Gas Powered”)

Spring Powered Paintball guns are having the low impact of the shot, That is standard for kids body.

On another hand, Gas Powered Paintball guns shots are very faster, Shots of that guns may hurt your kid’s body.

If you have considered buying a gas-powered paintball gun then, I’ll recommend you to buy a gun that shoots at 200-250 feet per second.

2. Light Weight Guns

This is Completely NO BRAINER!

Kids are not comfortable with metal heavy paintball guns. They want something that is lightweight, reliable and durable. That is the reason why you need to consider buying a lightweight gun for your kid.

Guns under 5 Pounds Will Best For A Kid.

3. Use .50 Caliber paintballs

image of paintballs

Low Impact guns use .50 Caliber paintball. That is safe to play and go for. On the other hand, normal paintball guns use .68 caliber that kids can also use.

But, Here is the Worst Scenario,

Most of the Paintball Guns support .68 Caliber paintballs. Very few Brands ST Splatmaster gun’s supports .50 caliber paintballs. Kids also love the attractive design guns, Most of the attractive design guns are .68 Caliber supported.

I didn’t want to say anything more about it.

You can decide yourself,

Is your kid is going to use .50 or .68 paintballs ?

4. Accuracy And Durability

Hitting a bull’s eye is really important in paintball. This is the reason why you need to consider before buying any paintball gun.

Always look at the accuracy and durability rate of the gun. So, That your son can perform in a paintball game like anything. I will also recommend you to purchase Dot Reflex Sight for your guns as well.

It will help him to become the best eliminator as well.

5. Barrel/Cover

The barrel is not a Safety point, But will be a game-changer.

When Your Kid is playing Paintball, He is not actively participating in it. Then, Your kid needs to cover the mouth of the gun with Barrel (Gun).

I case your kid accidentally triggered a gun then, Paintball will not be fired. Then, This will be very difficult to spot your kid.

Another Safety Tip: Before sending out your kid to the battlefield, You need fully check that are they wearing all safety equipment.

Wrapping Up!

As a parent, You need to ensure. The paintball guns that you are going to buy must be safe for your kid. Mostly you need to consider guns that are not too much power.

To Test the guns, You can also try paintball guns on yourself. This will help you to understand the impact and functionalities of guns as well.

I’ll also recommend you to have specialized paintball masks for your kid. By the way, I’ve created a list of Paintball guns that are specialized for kids. You can consider reading this before making any decision.

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Disclosure: I’m not a Paintball Expert. I’m a person who did a deep research about paintball and started writing blogs.

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