Best Paintball Masks For Kids

Paintball masks for kids are one of the most important pieces of safety gear your kid can wear to keep them safe during a paintball game.

Paintball may seem dangerous for children but in reality it’s very safe – you can read our article about whether paintball is safe for kids.

A lot of parents worry about letting their children play paintball, but as long as your child is wearing the proper safety gear, they will remain unharmed.

Masks protect the face of your child, which is the most important and sensitive part of the whole body. As such, you want to make sure the mask your child is wearing is high quality, secure, and fits well.

Let’s dive into the best paintball masks for kids so you can purchase the right one to keep your child safe during their paintball games.

Best Paintball Masks For Kids For Ultimate Safety

image of JT Premise Headshield Paintball Mask

JT Premise Headshield Paintball Mask

A high quality, affordable, adjustable mask with 260 degrees of vision, lots of ventilation and an anti-fog lens

Recommend For: Beginners or occasional players

image of Tippmann A-5 gun paintball mask

GXG XVSN Paintball Masks

Cheap paintball mask with a quick change lens and hard plastic covering for maximum protection

Recommended For: Beginners

image of JT Spectra Flex 8 paintball mask for kids

JT Spectra Flex 8

High quality, full coverage mask that has a thermal, flexible lens. Great for children who consistently play paintball

Recommended For: Serious paintballers

1. JT Premise Paintball Mask

image of JT Premise Paintball Mask

This is one of the best value paintball masks for kids available to purchase.

The pro change lens and foam quick release system means you can change out the lens or foam for easy cleaning or in case of damage quickly without the need for tools.

This visor allows 260 degree vision, meaning you can see your opponent coming from all angles.

This helmet also accepts all JT Spectra Aftermarket Lenses, meaning you can swap out the lens for any other JT manufactured one if you want more UV protection, visibility or anti fog properties.

It also means you don’t have to replace the whole helmet if the lens is damaged or scratched, which is an added bonus.

The helmet is also fully adjustable to fit any child’s head, no matter what their age, as long as they’re over 12 years old.

The JT Premise 3 points of adjustment means you can fully adjust the head strap, chin strap and head coverage plates.

This means you can purchase this helmet for your young child and not have to worry that they’re going to grow out of it too soon.

The proper fit also means the helmet will sit snugly and not fall off on impact, ensuring protection from all angles for your child.

A lot of users report that this mask doesn’t fog up as much as others, including if they’re playing in hot weather or they consider themselves a relatively sweaty person.

The foam around the edge of the goggles also helps to prevent moisture dripping into your child’s eyes.

This makes the mask perfect for kids to use in the summer time.

The case of the mask is made of hard plastic with ventilation holes throughout to ensure protection from hits but also encourage air flow.

There are also ventilation holes around the face area to allow for easy breathing and to further discourage mask fogging.

The 5 adjustments available on the back head panels means you can fit most standard glasses underneath this mask, allowing those with prescription glasses to still see clearly while they play.

Some users report wearing the mask with the back panels completely removed for extra air flow however we don’t recommend doing this for safety reasons.

Pro And Cons of JT Premise Paintball Mask

Easy to disassemble and clean without the need for toolsDoesn’t have double pane lens
Lots of ventilation holes to encourage air flow and anti fog 
3 Different areas of size adjustment to fit any head size 
Can easily swap lens to any other JT lens 


Bottom Line: This is the perfect paintball mask for a child who is just starting out or getting into paintball. It’s secure, adjustable, and sure to protect your child from all shots to the head securely and comfortably.


2. JT Spectra Flex 8 – Thermal Paintball Mask

JT Spectra flex 8 paintball mask for kids

This paintball mask is an upgraded version of the JT Premise and is perfect for parents who want a good quality, durable mask for their children, particularly if their child plays paintball often and with air compression paintball guns.

This mask is extremely anti fog. You can run around for hours in the summer time and experience no fog on the lens.

Only in extreme conditions will it fog a tiny bit, but generally breathing slowly for a couple of moments will instantly clear the fog away.

This is thanks to excellent ventilation around the mouth area.

This anti fog means your child will have perfect vision on the field at all times, and be able to see targets and enemies clearly.

This helmet also offers superior head protection and comfort.

You can get shot in the head at close range and not feel any pain from the paint pellet.

The mask and visor will also remain undamaged.

The 360 degree head protection also doesn’t block out noise too much, meaning that you can still hear calls and commands from your teammates while playing.

This helmet is highly durable, lasting up to 5 years at least even with regular game play.

The ventilation holes around the back of the helmet are numerous to provide air flow and keep your head cool, but are still small enough to prevent any pellets getting through, including BB.

This helmet also fits snugly on most heads ensuring it doesn’t move around during game play.

You can even secure a go-pro or other camera on the top of it to film your game and it won’t slide around or feel like it’s going to fall off.

The good fit and high comfort also means your child is less likely to remove this mask during game play to readjust, adding further protection.

Some users found the foam padding around the goggles was coming loose after only a few hours of game play, however their experience with customer service was exceptional and they received replacements in a timely manner.

If your kid is playing a serious game with compressed air paintball guns, this is an ideal option for the added durability and protection.

However if they only play occasionally and generally with spring powered guns, you may not need to invest so much in a mask like this and could go with a more affordable option.

Pros And Cons of JT Spectra Flex 8

High quality and durabilityCan be tedious to disassemble and clean
Duel pane lensMore expensive than other masks
Extremely anti-fog 
Superior head protection from all angles 


Bottom Line: The quality, durability and protection that comes with this helmet is second to none. If your child plays paintball regularly, this is certainly a worthwhile investment.


3. Gen-X Global XVSN Paintball Mask

image of Gen-X Global Paintball Masks for kids

This is the best paintball mask for kids who are just trying paintball for the first time or who don’t play that often.

It’s cheap, affordable and provides adequate protection from shots.

This mask has an adjustable strap at the back and is a one size fits all, perfect for children as young as 8 all the way up to full grown adults.

This makes it great for a starter mask as you can share it between siblings and keep it for future use even if your child grows.

This mask also has cushioning on interior to stop the hard plastic from rubbing on your face.

This mask has a lot of room inside to wear prescription glasses.

It also has great ventilation and is relatively fog – free.

The quick release lens system means you can easily and quickly swap out your lens if it becomes damaged or dirty, even during game play.

This mask is kept secure by the adjustable strap at the back – it doesn’t have any back or top head plates or hard plastic protection there.

It does, however, protect your ears, forehead and all the way down below your chin.

This is adequate protection for airsoft games or games where only spring loaded paintball guns are being used.

For paintball games with proper compression markers, particularly for children, we recommend investing in a mask that has more coverage and protection.

Pros And Cons of Gen-X Paintball Mask

Extremely affordableNo back of head protection
One size fits all 
Quick change lens 


Bottom Line: This is a great quality mask for the price, and is perfect for standard protection


How We Selected the Best Paintball Mask for Kids

1. Strength

Masks protect your kids face – the most sensitive and delicate part of the body, and therefore it is crucial that they don’t break.

Masks need to be durable enough to withstand direct paintball hits, which can be roughly 170-190 mph.

Every standard, quality tested mask will be able to withstand this pressure without breaking. Make sure you check the reviews and any manufacturers guarantee before purchasing to be sure.

2. Full Coverage

Particularly for young children who have softer heads, it’s important that their mask provides full coverage around the entire head.

As mentioned above, a back strap is ok for airsoft games and games with spring paintball guns as long as your child understands the back of their head is slightly exposed.

For more serious games, ensure your mask provides 360 degree protection, including over the ear and under the chin.

3. Anti Fog

Heat and sweat are the two main causes of fogging inside the paintball mask visor.

If you have the budget, look for a paintball mask that has anti-fogging properties.

This will allow your child to see clearly throughout the entire game no matter how hot it is.

Proper ventilation around the mouth area of the mask will also help prevent fogging.

4. Adjustability

It’s best to choose a mask that can be adjusted as your child’s head grows.

Most masks come with adjustability points or adjustable straps to change the shape of it to fit as required.

Adjustability is also important so that the mask fits properly and isn’t likely to slip or move during gameplay.

5. Affordability

Most masks are relatively affordable, and even the cheapest ones provide adequate protection for your child.

It’s up to you to choose how much you want to invest, but we recommend taking into account how much use your child will get out of the mask before purchasing.

It’s worth spending a bit extra if your child will be using the mask consistently for the next couple of years, for the added comfort and protection.

General Questions

The average lifespan of a good quality mask should be at least 5 years.

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully you now know what to look for when choosing the best paintball mask for your kid, and are able to make an informed decision on the best one for you and your child.

If you’re also looking for a paintball gun for your child, check out our article about the best paintball guns for kids.

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